• Why consider Pearson?

    For many years, we’ve been facilitating the learning of English in primary, secondary and tertiary schools, as well as private language institutions. We provide quality tools for teachers and students to motivate learners and make learning more effective. Our consultants support teachers before, during and after using Pearson material. You can be confident that we’ll not only help you to find the right teaching material, but we’ll also be there if you need assistance later on. Find out more about our support services.

  • Goals, progress and results

    At Pearson, we believe that setting goals, monitoring progress and achieving measurable results is crucial to language learning. It is especially important for adult learners, who often have very specific reasons for learning English. That’s why Pearson’s materials are currently being developed to ensure clear learning objectives and measurable outcomes. We call this efficacy. Find out more about efficacy and Pearson’s commitment to measuring learner outcomes.

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    Testing and qualifications

    Finding reliable, practical, affordable and accurate testing materials can be a real challenge. At Pearson, we realize that different learners have different assessment needs. Our assessment portfolio includes a number of testing solutions for placement, progress, final assessment and accreditation. Learn more about Pearson’s new testing solutions, such as GSET and Progress, here. For LCCI diplomas, read more here.