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    MyEnglishLab is an online homework tool that contains a bank of exercises to support the material that is covered in each lesson. Teachers assign exercises and students complete them on their PCs, iPads or tablets, at school or at home. The exercises are graded automatically and teachers receive a very helpful analysis of their students’ engagement and progress. You not only see the individual grades and how long it took your students to complete their work, but also which exercises the students found most and least difficult. This flexible system is perfect for students who need to work independently and for teachers who have limited contact hours with their students.

    Without MyEnglishLab, students would never be able to do so many extra practice exercises and teachers would never have time to grade them!

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    Frequently Asked Questions – MyEnglishLab

    What is MyEnglishLab?

    MyEnglishLab is an online resource designed to complement a number of Pearson English language courses. It was created to give students more opportunities for practice and to make homework more meaningful. It is set up to reflect the student’s book, meaning that each of the modules is supported by suitable online exercises that cover the same material as the book. In short, MyEnglishLab is an enhanced homework system.

    Can I use MyEnglishLab without a course book?

    No, MyEnglishLab is intended to supplement the course book and is sold as a package with the course book. It is not meant to be used as a stand-alone resource.

    If I choose to use MyEnglishLab, what will I need to order?

    Students need to order the version of the course book that includes a MyEnglishLab access code. Please refer to our website here for the ISBN lists. Teachers need to contact one of our consultants – see the list here – to receive the teacher’s code. Teacher’s codes give teachers access to the MyEnglishLab platform where they can manage their classrooms.

    How does it work in practice?

    Before you start assigning work to your students, you’ll need to create your virtual classrooms. The online interface of MyEnglishLab is clear and easy to use. It’s a straightforward process to set up the course and enter your students’ details.

    Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to assign individual practice or homework electronically to the students. You can also set deadlines for the assignments and send messages to individual students or to the whole class. Once your students have completed the assignments, they will receive automatic grades from the system for most of these, and you’ll receive feedback on your students’ scores.

    What kinds of exercises does MyEnglishLab offer?

    All kinds of exercises: MyEnglishLab focuses on the concepts that are dealt with in particular sections of the student book. It provides practice and tests on grammar and all kinds of skills, by means of a range of drills and exercises, in both audio and visual formats.

    What about writing assignments?

    Written assignments are called ‘free writing’ and are sent to you for correction.

    What about speaking?

    In some of the courses, students can record themselves speaking and check their pronunciation against the native-speaker model.

    How does the student access MyEnglishLab?

    Each student receives a unique log-in code in their course book. They can log in on their computer at school, at home, or on their tablet or iPad. After they have logged in, they will see all the available exercises. When you assign homework, they will automatically see the homework exercises, the deadline and your instructions.

    Reviewing homework was a valuable part of my lessons; with automatic grading, won’t I lose this personal contact with my students?

    You can combine MyEnglishLab with the print workbook and still review the selected homework during the class, like you used to. It is important to remember that MyEnglishLab gives teachers and students a chance to do much more practice and focus on the areas that students find challenging. Our studies have shown that using MyEnglishLab can improve your students’ performance in view of the fact that you have to spend less time correcting homework.

    What are the core advantages for the teacher?

    Teachers really love the automatic gradebook and the fact that they can see whether students are doing what they’re meant to be doing. They can analyse the students’ scores and decide what to focus on in class. It might sound hard to believe, but with the exception of written assignments, there is no more grading! Just imagine: no more discussions about the fairness of a grade or having to decipher students’ illegible handwriting!

    Which schools is it aimed at?

    Every kind of school that is open to using some technology in their teaching. If you have computerized classrooms or if your students use laptops or tablets during their classes, you can integrate MyEnglishLab into your lesson or assign exercises as homework. The in-depth content and online practice make MyEnglishLab perfect for students preparing for language exams. It’s also good for everyone who teaches in mixed-ability classrooms that combine students in need of extra support with those who need extension work. It raises the bar and helps students to get good results, which is good for school prestige.

    What if I have issues or questions? Won’t it take ages to contact the help desk?

    You can always contact one of our consultants directly – see the list here – but don’t forget about the HELP button. The HELP link is easy to find and opens in a new window, so you don’t lose your place. The MyEnglishLab HELP function has been designed to be straightforward and useful for teachers.

    MyEnglishLab helpdesk
    Would you rather call?
    Helpdesk in Germany: 069 299571052 – 8:00 – 18:00 CET
    Helpdesk in Austria: 012 06092498 – 9:00 -19:00 CET

    What are the system requirements?

    You’ll need an Internet connection.

    It sounds interesting. What do I need to do next?

    You’re welcome to get in touch with us and arrange a telephone consultation or a meeting at your school with one of our consultants. We’ll be pleased to show MyEnglishLab to you and your colleagues, with no obligation on your part.

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  • MyEnglishLab is available for:

  • Active Teach

    Active Teach is a full digital version of the student book that you can project onto the Interactive Whiteboard. It’s supplemented with audio and video files, tests and worksheets. It also has a place for teachers’ notes and web links, so that teachers can integrate their own material with Active Teach. It’s a great way to keep pupils engaged during English lessons.

    Active Teach is available for: New Total English, Cutting Edge third edition, Speakout, New Language Leader, Market Leader, Lifestyle, Gold, Expert.

  • eText

    An eText is a digital version of the student book that can be used on an iPad, tablet or computer. The eText gives students access to the book and all of the audio material that accompanies the method. They can also add notes and mark the text. eTexts transform schoolbooks into 21st-century tools that are tailored to the needs and wishes of your students.

    eText is available for: New Total English, Cutting Edge third edition, Speakout, Gold, Expert.

  • Audio and Video

    All of our courses are supported by audio and video material, either in the form of CD-ROMs or through Active Teach and MyEnglishLab. The audio material is spoken by actors who are native speakers.

    Available for all titles.

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