• LCCI International Qualifications from Pearson are among the most recognized and most highly regarded Business English qualifications in the world. They are also prized by many employers in Germany and Austria. They include vocational-related qualifications that cover key areas of business, as well as language and teaching qualifications.

    The qualifications are offered at different levels, so you can start at the point that is most appropriate to your students’ current knowledge and experience. As they are work-related qualifications, they give students the knowledge and skills to do the job – which is why they are trusted and valued by employers worldwide.

    LCCI International Qualifications are offered through a growing network of over 4,000 centres, supported by extensive learning resources and easy online administration. The qualifications are offered in over 80 countries and each year over 500,000 are awarded across the globe.

    Consider LCCI if you’re looking for:
    • A well established and internationally recognized diploma.
    • A paper-based exam that can be taken on demand, any time, any place.
    • Accreditation suitable for students of all ages and levels of experience.
    • An exam that is designed to be accessible, easy to administer and affordable.
    • A diploma that is valued highly by many employers in Germany and Austria.

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  • Our qualifications are used worldwide by employers and universities as evidence of language or professional proficiency. They include:

    English for Business (EFB) – aligned to the CEF
    Spoken English for Industry and Commerce (SEFIC) – aligned to the CEF
    Diploma in Business English for International Managers – aligned to the CEF
    English for Tourism level 1 & 2
    English for Accounting
    JETSET ESOL International Qualifications
    English Language Skills Assessment (ELSA) – aligned to the CEF
    Foundation English language Skills Assessment (FELSA)
    First Certificate for Teachers of Business English (FTBE)
    Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

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