• Content – the books are visually attractive, clearly laid out and enriched with DVD material for extra motivation.
    • Teacher’s book – logical and accessible with ready-made lesson plans, the teacher’s book provides clear and helpful references to the CEF for each activity, plus additional practice material and tests.
    • Active Teach software – the full student’s book and the audio and video content on the digibord help students to stay motivated and in contact with the teacher.
    • Workbook – available with or without answers, the workbook can be used as a self-study tool to add extra flexibility to your lessons. The workbooks provide additional opportunities to practise the functional language skills addressed in the students’ book.

    • Level – correlated with CEF regulations.
    • Motivating content, age-relevant topics and achievable language tasks ensure that students learn useful language skills that can be put into practice.
    • Learning objectives are clearly mapped out for each chapter, so students know what they are expected to learn.
    • ‘Language Live’ lessons are specially designed for practising useful language skills and writing. Each lesson features a practical context that students are likely to encounter in their social or professional lives.
    • Ideal for limited contact hours – with the help of the MyEnglishLab’s online, self-study and self-grading practice system, you can assign activities and follow students’ work, depending on the time you have available. Read more here.
  • Consider Cutting Edge if:

    Your students need additional time to practise particular English skills.

    You are looking for interesting topics and a book with a younger feel.

    You want to keep your students busy with completing practical tasks and learning functional language skills.

    Your students enjoy group work and communication and appreciate multicultural content.

    You have limited contact hours and lack time for grading.