• 9781408241363 9781408259016

    • Better suited to the classroom than independent study.
    • A good solution if you don’t have time to prepare your lessons from the scratch.
    • Content is attractively laid out.
    • Updated and interesting topics.
    • Additional supplementary material at the back includes academic word list, writing practice and grammar guide.
    • Focuses on improving exam skills.


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  • 9780133248029

    • Available for classroom use and for self-study.
    • Updated material for all of the new passage and question formats.
    • A good solution for teachers who don’t have time to prepare lessons from scratch.
    • Now available with MyEnglishLab, an easy-to-use online programme with extensive opportunities for additional practice and a complete range of practice tests.
    • Diagnostic pre- and post-tests allow students to identify their strengths and weaknesses.
    • Focuses on improving exam skills.