• Level – correlated with CEF regulations.
    • Methodology – based on a communicative, academic approach to learning English that’s enriched with study-skills activities.
    • Content – clever topics that appeal to slightly older, academic students.
    • Challenging – content offering opportunities for self-study.
    • The student’s book is available with MyEnglishLab – an online tool with additional practice and self-study activities. Students can work on problem areas and receive instant feedback on their progress through the self-grading interface. Read more here.
    • Lots of additional material for free! You need audio and video material? Please click here. For teacher’s material, tests and photocopiables, please click here.

    • Contemporary topics and issues develop students’ critical thinking and 21st Century Skills.
    • Study skills videos provide useful guidelines for study and examples of best practice. Study-skills experts encourage students to develop the skills they’ll need for presentations, lectures and discussions.
    • ‘Meet the Expert’ video interviews with professionals and academics bring topics to life and show students how English is used in real-life situations.
    • Scenario lessons are offered in which students can practise working on the kinds of projects they’ll encounter in their future studies.
  • Consider New Language Leader if:

    Your students need high-level, academic material.

    Your students are communicative and enjoy material that develops their critical thinking.

    You’re looking for a course with a self-study component and a focus on study skills.

    You have limited contact hours with your students and are looking for self-grading study material that gives you instant feedback on how your students are doing.