• Content – clever, age-related topics plus lots of recycling to help students acquire new skills and deal with large amounts of new material.
    • Methodology – based on a communicative approach to learning, ensures that students are more engaged with the material they study.
    • Writing Bank – helps students master the necessary skills for the writing part of the exam.
    • Teacher’s book – accessible book with additional photocopiable resources and lesson plans, plus DVD-ROM for extra practice and tests.
    • Active Teach software – the full student’s book and the audio and video content on the digibord help students to stay motivated and in contact with the teacher.
    • Workbook – available with or without answers, the workbook can be used as a self-study tool to add extra flexibility to your lessons.

    • Level – correlated with CEF regulations.
    • “Can Do” statements are embedded in each chapter, showing where a student is in relation to the CEFR. This results in very clear learning outcomes.
    • The well-structured grammar syllabus ensures that students get a good grounding in English grammar.
    • Activities on the communication pages help students to use language in a practical way right from the start of the course.
    • Extra flexibility with the split edition, so you can choose a shorter or longer course.
    • Ideal for limited contact hours – with the help of MyEnglishLab’s online self-study and self-grading system, you can assign activities and follow students’ work as homework or class work, depending on the time you have available. Read more here.
  • Consider Total English if:

    You want to work with ‘can do’ statements and keep a close eye on learning outcomes.

    You prefer a well-organized, somewhat more traditional layout.

    Your students grasp the material better when they have a clear structure and simple instructions.

    Your students need extra vocabulary practice and a structured grammar syllabus.

    You have limited contact hours and lack time for grading.

    Also available as part of New Total English
    Do you find it difficult to learn and remember new vocabulary? The VocabTrainer helps you to personalize your vocabulary learning in a way that ensures that you’ll never forget words again. You’ll learn about the meaning, grammar, collocations and spellings of words, so that you can be confident about using new vocabulary in your spoken and written English.