• The Speakout content is all about motivation. The books are visually attractive, clearly laid out and enriched with authentic material from the BBC.
    • Integrated skills – activities and lessons include at least three skills, so the English you teach goes far beyond simple repetition.
    • Teacher’s book – the logical and accessible book with ready-made lesson plans provides clear and helpful references to the CEF for each activity.
    • Active Teach software – the full student’s book and the audio and video content on the digibord help students to stay motivated and engaged with the teacher.
    • Workbook – available with or without answers, the workbook can be used as a self-study tool to add extra flexibility to your lessons.

    • Level – correlated with CEF regulations. Target language and CEF objectives are listed to show the outcomes for each lesson clearly.
    • Topics are engaging and supported by authentic material that brings them to life (podcasts and DVD material slightly adapted for lower levels).
    • Grammar in context so students can see language in action and understand how and when it is used.
    • Extra flexibility with the split edition, so you can choose a shorter or longer course.
    • Ideal for limited contact hours – with the help of MyEnglishLab’s online self-study and self-grading system, you can assign activities and follow students’ work as homework or class work, depending on the time you have available. Read more here.
  • Consider Speakout if:

    You’re looking for a course with plenty of material to extend and adapt your lessons.

    You want to keep your students motivated and excited about attending their English classes.

    Your students like communicating, but also need to learn grammar without losing interest.

    You’d like to use genuine English material from the BBC, but you’re too busy to search for it online.

    You have limited contact hours and lack time for grading.