• Practical information

    • Designed for students aged 16+.
    • The test is done entirely online, so all that’s needed to assign and complete the test is an Internet connection.
    • Students receive three tests per level, so you can test students’ progress over the year.
    • Progress is automatically graded, including the speaking part, so you don’t need to spend extra time administering and grading the oral exam.
    • Both teacher and students can see the feedback and grades.
    • Each level covers all four languages skills (integrated or single) – reading, writing, listening and speaking – as well as grammar and vocabulary.
    • Progress saves the teacher time and money! Three tests for 4-6 English skills ensure that you get your money’s worth.
    • The Progress questions have been written in accordance with specific CEF levels using ‘can do’ statements. This means that you can see how your students are advancing within each CEF level.
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  • It’s also important to know that…

    Progress is adaptive – parts of the test are based on an adaptive algorithm that selects the most suitable questions based on a learner’s previous answers. This means that every student gets a different set of questions.

    Progress is written by experts – the questions were prepared by teams based in the UK, Australia, the US and Hong Kong. The questions have been tagged with the appropriate Global Scale of English (GSE) level and linked to “can do” statements.

    Objective scoring – Progress uses the most up-to-date technology to produce automated, consistent and accurate results.

    The test has a number of question types that give learners a chance to demonstrate their English skills in different ways. Some questions ask learners to choose the correct option or answer an open question. Other questions require the learner to repeat or copy what has been said. Others require the learner to describe something or write a short essay. The questions are similar to those that the student will have encountered in the classroom.

    Students can take the sample test at any time to familiarize themselves with the types of questions in the test.

    Download a test booklet